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A massive thank you for your generous donations

Posted on 30 January, 2020 by Ivan

It’s been two months since we launched our first campaign seeking your contributions to Connecting Country, so it is a good time to update our subscribers and members on progress to date.

Thank you!

Firstly and most importantly, we would like to thank you all for being part of the Connecting Country community, joining with many others in supporting our shared vision for landscape restoration across the Mount Alexander region. The valuable work we do couldn’t happen without people like you – whether it’s volunteering time to help with wildlife monitoring, joining our education events, or participating in our on-ground projects – making our vision a reality is only possible with community support.

Our first-ever ‘support us’ campaign was prompted by a major decline in the funding available to community groups like Connecting Country. We know that with the combination of our track record of ten years of successful landscape restoration, great plans for the future, and lots of persistence, we can secure funding for some projects from governments and grantmakers. But we also know that lots of small, on-ground projects are not enough to keep us thriving and focused on long-term plans that go well beyond short-term funding opportunities.

Donation update

Since our request for help in December 2019, we’ve received a total of $3,370 in donations from our generous Connecting Country supporters, as well as another amazing donation of $5,000 from a local landholder family specifically to support our 2020 bird monitoring program. One marvelous anonymous supporter chose to donate $1,000 to Connecting Country, rather than worthy bush fire appeals, because they believe the work we do now will help everyone into the future. Some of our extraordinary supporters have chosen to make a regular monthly donation.

This has warmed our hearts and lightened our outlook for 2020 and beyond. Your support will allow us to continue restoring the landscape, monitoring change and educating the community on best practice sustainable land management. We are thrilled to see your support in all forms – financial, volunteering or other – and feel very special to have such a strong connection to our community.

What’s next

We should all be proud of what we’ve achieved. However, there’s still more to do. With your support, 2020 will see us continue to help landholders with on-ground actions, prepare for climate change, maintain our commitment to long-term monitoring, and deliver events that inform, educate and inspire.

If you have not already donated but would like to, we are continuing our campaign and still welcome your contributions. Donating is easy – just use our secure online service (click here) or download our form if you’d prefer cheque or cash (click here). All donations to Connecting Country are tax deductible.

Thanks again for your support for Connecting Country. It is much appreciated.

Connecting Country committee and staff

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