Restoring landscapes across the Mount Alexander Region

Our Woodland Birds Program

Connecting Country has embraced the use of birds, and woodland birds in particular,  as focal species for landscape restoration. They are an ideal group for a number of reasons:

  • Different species tend to use different habitats – and their presence or absence may act as indicators of habitat type and quality, as seen in our Woodland Bird Brochure.
  • Woodland birds are classified as Threatened: the Victorian Temperate Woodland Bird Community
  • BirdLife Australia has been harnessing the enthusiasm and skill of citizen scientists with great success for decades.

We have an citizen science bird monitoring program which involves surveying about 50 sites across the Mount Alexander regions.  In 2013, Connecting Country developed a detailed 10-year Woodland Birds Action Plan for the Mount Alexander region with the assistance of external experts. This plan identified five focal species that we have dubbed ‘the feathered five’. The ‘feathered five’ are ground-foraging woodland birds known to occur in the local area; Diamond Firetail, Jacky Winter, Hooded Robin, Brown Treecreeper and Painted Button-quail.

We have a number of projects, past and present that strive to ensure that woodland birds are flourishing in the Mount Alexander region now and in the future… With your help!

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The Feathered Five

Our five very special focal species

Habitat Restoration projects

Over 300 hectares of woodland bird habitat created or cared for!

Woodland Bird Monitoring: Group sites and resources

The birdwatcher's monitoring kit

Long term bird monitoring report

Summary graphs and distribution maps. Australian Owlet-nightjar By P. Turner