Restoring landscapes across the Mount Alexander Region

Monitor Change

Recording nature observations over time helps us have a better picture of the landscape and also helps us to measure the outcomes of environmental actions. For example, you might like to monitor bird species and numbers on your property before and after revegetation efforts. It is really rewarding to see species diversity and numbers increase as a result of your hard work.

There are many different ways to monitor change, but the key is to do it consistently and for as long as possible. Because of the variability of the Australian landscape, it takes time for patterns to emerge and changes to be seen.  The following links and tips will help get you started.

The Checking For Change guide to monitoring from the CSIRO is also a great resource for getting started and implementing your own monitoring program.

Nest box resources

Creating homes for wildlife and observing who uses them

Photo-point monitoring

A simple way to observe and document change

Record a sighting

Sharing your data and learning more with others