Restoring landscapes across the Mount Alexander Region

Our Projects

Connecting Country operates at a landscape scale to increase, enhance and restore biodiversity across the Mount Alexander Shire and immediate surrounds in central Victoria.

To implement our landscape approach we apply for funding from a variety of sources including government and philanthropic. Since starting up in 2007 by local people interested in the local environment, with the support of the Norman Wettenhall Foundation and Friends of the Box-Ironbark Forests, Connecting Country has supported significant on-ground conservation works, provided assistance to the local Landcare movement, coordinated community education and awareness raising activities and implemented a rigorous monitoring and evaluation program. To find out more about our achievements to date click here.

Current Projects

Volunteers at the Landcare Camp Out on the Mount

Volunteers being briefed at the Landcare Camp Out on the Mount

To find out more about our current funded programs, please click on the following links:

Past Projects

Support for:

  • Grass Identification CD
  • Castlemaine Field Naturalists Photopoint Project
  • Plants of the Castlemaine District Identification Guide

Our Woodland Birds Program

Woodland birds help us understand the health of our landscape