Restoring landscapes across the Mount Alexander Region

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There are many organisations and incentive programs to support landholders in improving their property. Click on the following links to find out more about opportunities available.

Local contractors and suppliers of environmental services – Mount Alexander region Victoria

This list of contractors and suppliers provides a starting point for considering environmental works on your property. It is not an endorsement of specific businesses. Please let us know of other suppliers or contractors that could be added to this list. We recommend you always make your own checks before engaging any contractor or supplier, which may include checking their ABN, qualifications, experience, pricing, insurance, referees, warranties, etc. Please ensure your contractor complies with all relevant legislation and guidelines, and maintains appropriate insurance.

Mount Alexander Region Contractor List

Connecting Country

Connecting Country works with landholders and community groups to undertake landscape restoration projects across the Mount Alexander region, including properties on both public and private land. Typical ‘restoration’ activities that are supported include grazing regime change, revegetation and natural regeneration, protective fencing and the control of pest plants and animals. For eligible projects, Connecting Country may be able to provide technical advice, management plans, biodiversity assessments, work crews and incentive payments.

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There are over 30 Landcare and Friends groups active in the Mount Alexander Shire. They undertake a wide variety of projects that help to improve the health of Mount Alexander’s natural environment. This includes tackling noxious weeds like Blackberry and Gorse, eradicating pest animals such as rabbits and foxes, revegetating degraded waterways to improve water quality, and creating habitat for native animals and plants. They are also a great place to meet people in the area and learn more about land management and our natural history.

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land for wildlifeLand for Wildlife

Land for Wildlife is a voluntary scheme managed by the State Government which aims to encourage and assist you to provide habitats for wildlife on their property, even if your property may be managed primarily for other purposes.  Membership does not alter the legal status of the property in any way, nor will it diminish in any way the your legal rights or control over the property.  The benefits of membership include access to practical advice, technical information, training and support networks.

For more information visit: Land for Wildlife

trust for natureTrust for Nature

A Conservation Covenant is an agreement between the landowner and Trust for Nature.  The aim of the covenant is to permanently protect the natural values of the land, which is achieved by registering the covenant on the Certificate of Title to the land.  The covenants a.  The suitability of a property for covenant is decided by the Trust which considers a number of factors (for example, if the property forms part of an important wildlife corridor or acts as a buffer), and options exist for placing covenants over the entire property or for selected sections.

For more information visit: Trust for Nature

Mount Alexander Shire Community Grants

The Mount Alexander Shire Council is strongly committed to environmental sustainability, and prides itself on its leadership on a range of environmental issues. They have a commitment to increase native vegetation cover on public and private land. Under our Environment Strategy we are also committed to supporting landowners understand and appreciate their obligations and responsibilities for land and biodiversity. The Land Management Rate, the Remnant Conservation Rebate, and community grants are three of the ways Council supports landowners to make protecting biodiversity and native vegetation easier.

More information: Mount Alexander Shire


North Central Catchment Management Authority

North Central CMA is the leading natural resource management (NRM) agency in north central Victoria for coordinating and monitoring NRM programs. The CMA supports landcare and provide grants to implement environmental enhancement projects that are relevant to the needs of their local area. This might involve capacity building activities to help the group learn new skills, on-ground work to protect special places or manage local issues or even trials of new and innovative ideas.

For more information visit: North Central CMA

Carbon Farming Initiative

The Federal Government’s Carbon Farming Initiative allows you to earn carbon credits by storing carbon or reducing greenhouse gas emissions on the land. These credits can then be sold to people and businesses wishing to offset their emissions. If you’re interested in maintaining vegetation or improving biodiversity on-site in perpetuity contact the Federal Government or a relevant broker for further information.

For more information visit: Carbon Farming Initiative

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