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The importance of fungi with Alison Pouliot

Posted on 15 October, 2020 by Ivan

Longtime Connecting Country friend and collaborator, Alison Pouliot, recently developed an excellent video highlighting the role fungi plays in our ecosystems of central Victoria. Alison has previously delivered workshops for Connecting Country and also has donated an amazing photo library for our website and communication products. She is one of the leading experts in her field of both photography and fungi, and combines the two with precision, passion and wonder.

Alison in the field, enjoying what she loves (photo: FOBIF)

Alison is a natural historian and environmental photographer who uses words and images to evoke stories of the living world, as well as the non-living. She is especially interested in forgotten corners and lifeforms -the stuff that slips between the cracks – and aims to convey the extraordinariness of life, both peculiar and familiar. She is rather partial to the fungal and the spineless, as highlighted in the following video.

Alison’s website is an amazing collection of photos, videos and insight – click here

Alison says:

Fungi are fundamentally important organisms. They’re not just some kind of bizarre accessories in the landscape, but rather fungi underpin, pretty much every terrestrial ecosystem, on the planet. Please enjoy the exploration into the Kingdom off Fungi video below, which was mostly filmed around the Daylesford region (Central Victoria) over the past 12 months.


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  1. Gayle Gissing says:

    I have always been fantasticated with fungi from a child. Thankyou Alison for this stunning video. Congratulations to your collaborater in the film making.

  2. Kate Roberts says:


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