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Habitat restoration projects for 2018-2019 – call for expressions of interest

Posted on 18 October, 2018 by Jacqui

Connecting Country is pleased to invite expressions of interest for our new woodland habitat restoration projects in 2018-2019. We are thrilled to support our growing network of landholders who are interested or perhaps already committed to land management actions that benefit local habitat and the wonderful woodland wildlife it supports. This includes threatened species of the Temperate Woodland Bird Community that have been shown to be in decline in central Victoria, such as Hooden Robin, Jacky Winter and Diamond Firetail.

Understorey planting to restore woodland habitat in 2018. 

The opportunities for assistance have been made possible through our ‘Prickly plants for wildlife on small properties’ project supported by the North Central Catchment Management Authority, and for larger properties, the ‘Remnant rescue: restoring woodland bird habitat in central Victoria‘ project supported by the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

To be eligible landholders must own land within Mount Alexander region and have a minimum of 1 hectare (2.47 acres) of native vegetation (excluding buildings, dams, gardens, etc.).

For information on how to apply – read on!

Commitment to on-ground actions

The project commitments will include planting of key missing understorey plants to enhance and support your existing native vegetation, along with priority weed control and pest management. Control of weeds and rabbits assists natural regeneration, and helps your plants have the best chance to get established and grow to benefit woodland wildlife on your property.

Eligibility criteria

We’re seeking properties and landholders that meet these criteria:

Hooded Robin pair (male above, female below). Photo by Geoff Park.

  • Location – within Mount Alexander Shire
  • Land tenure – private land owned by the applicant
  • Project area size – minimum of 1 hectare (2.47 acres) of native vegetation, excluding buildings, dams, gardens, etc.
  • Vegetation quality – existing remnant vegetation (native trees, grasses and shrubs), may include land in transition to native species after removal of grazing, but not cleared paddocks
  • Commitment – landholders willing and able to commit to land management actions (e.g., weed and rabbit control, supplementary planting, grazing exclusion, retaining fallen trees)
  • Long-term benefits – Properties and landholders likely to result in long-term improvements in biodiversity and habitat quality for woodland birds and other native species

Site visit process

Landholders who meet the eligibility criteria will receive a site visit to discuss your goals for your property, review habitat values on your property, and provide management advice and a species list.

Selection process for assistance

Following the site visit process, assistance will be allocated to landholders based on current vegetation quality, size of the proposed project area, commitment and capacity for land management actions, location relative to priority restoration areas, and the potential for lasting habitat improvement. Management actions will be tailored to each property, but may include development of a management plan, supplementary planting, weed and rabbit control, grazing exclusion, and retaining leaf litter, standing and fallen trees. In the case of high demand, we may not be able to assist every eligible landholder, but will keep you on file for future projects.

For selected properties, we will supply plants (if applicable to your project) and in-kind support, and then it is over to you!  Planting, watering, pest control and maintenance will be carried out by the landholder. For larger properties, some initial assistance with planting, weed and rabbit control, and grazing exclusion will be available from the Dja Dja Wurrung works crew. It will be up to landholders to manage any contractors required to assist you on your land. Of course we will be on deck for any information or questions as needed.

How to apply

All interested landholders in the Mount Alexander region are encouraged to complete an expression of interest formExpressions of interest close 21 November 2018. To find out more or discuss your eligibility, call Jacqui at Connecting Country on 5472 1594. If you have filled out an expression of interest form in the past 12 months, we have you on file and you don’t need to fill in another form. Simply email to let us know you are still interested and we will be in touch.

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