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Backyards are a beautiful bird haven: Cornell Lab

Posted on 23 April, 2020 by Ivan

Fortunately there are many online resources that can keep us learning and connected to nature, while we stay safely at home. Here are some great suggestions about how to improve your bird watching skills, using the excellent Merlin Bird ID app on your smart phone or other digital device, and via educational videos from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. A reminder though, to ensure you use Birdlife’s Birdata App, when entering your data, surveys and observations.

One of the delights of bird watching has always been that you can do it anywhere, including right at home. Take a quiet walk or enjoy a moment of reflection at your window: birds will be with you. Now is a great time to deepen your knowledge and appreciation with resources like these:

Click on the the above links and following images to access these resources.

Backyards: Still The Best Places To Go Bird Watching

Harlequin Ducks and Merlin Photo ID

Get More From Merlin Bird ID With These Powerful Features

Inside Birding

Inside Birding: How-To Videos For Learning Bird Identification

singing prothonotary warbler

Bird ID Skills: How To Learn Bird Songs And Calls



2 responses to “Backyards are a beautiful bird haven: Cornell Lab”

  1. Tanya Loos says:

    There is also an amazing set of resources available from BirdLife Australia –

    • Ivan says:

      good points Tanya, we have already updated the blog to reflect the importance of using Birdata App, rather than eBird.

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