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Welcome back Bonnie!

Posted on 12 November, 2019 by Frances

We’d like to welcome back one of our most experienced super star staff members, Bonnie Humphreys, who recently returned from 12 months parental leave. Bonnie is returning to the role of Landscape Restoration Coordinator and brings a wealth of local knowledge and experience to the Connecting Country team. Her ability to understand people and plants is second to none, and we are excited to announce that she will be job sharing with our current Landscape Restoration Coordinator, Jacqui Slingo, at two days a week each. Jacqui has done an outstanding job in this role while Bonnie was on leave. We are very lucky to keep both of them on the team.

Bonnie joined the Connecting Country team as a Project Officer in 2011. She grew up in Bendigo and Castlemaine and has completed a Diploma in Conservation and Land Management at Bendigo TAFE. Bonnie has a special interest in and extensive knowledge of native flora and weed ecology.

While on leave Bonnie was busy being a mum to her gorgeous baby girl, but always made time to help Connecting Country with specialist advice when needed.

Thanks Bonnie and welcome back to the team!


2 responses to “Welcome back Bonnie!”

  1. Kate Roberts says:

    So good to have you back, Bonnie.
    Kate Roberts

  2. Rosalind Boyd (Maldon) says:

    Congratulations Bonnie on becoming a mum, to Nina (if I have the name right). Hope all is going well. Hope to see you around again sometime. No doubt I’ll be checking in to see if there is any funding or trees around. Glad you are back.

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