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Walking Together – Nalderun overview

Posted on 31 January, 2024 by Ivan

Please enjoy this wonderful article from our friends and project partners at Nalderun. The article was written by Floria Maschek, an ally and member of Friends of Nalderun (FoN). Nalderun is a Dja Dja Wurrung word meaning “all together”.

Nalderun Education Aboriginal Corporation- An overview

Nalderun (Nalderun Education Aboriginal Corporation), meaning ‘all together’, is a local Aboriginal run and led organisation and registered charity that predominantly focuses on providing opportunities for young, local First Nations People, whilst also supporting their families. The organisation also provides historical and cultural learning opportunities to the extended community, instilling the values of Country, truth telling and Indigenous world views, having many partnerships in government, community, education and health. Connection to Country, Community and Culture is at the core of Nalderun’s work – walking together for a thriving future for all. 

Nalderun supports young First Peoples to navigate the education system into meaningful employment, growing strong, proud leaders. Employment within the organisation involves an innovative cyclic mentorship approach. While Elders have a key place as directors on the board, young First Nations people hold a strong voice in decision making about Nalderun’s programs. 

The organisation relies heavily on grants and donations every year. Funding provides 20 part-time positions – 80% being Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. As an ally and volunteer, it is incredible to witness the impact of the work, the breadth of community support and engagement, and how much the broader community also benefits when Nalderun is supported.

Nalderun’s work involves personalised student support, from tutoring to travel, and several programs including the following: 

School Based Apprenticeship Program (SBAT) and wrap around service.

Developing skills and connection in many areas including land management, conservation, agriculture, horticulture, education, business management and machinery operations. 

Warrarrak business

Connecting and engaging First Nations women and gender diverse students from local high schools (predominantly CSC) in a range of activities which include day trips, camps and cultural days. 

Kuli Business

A collaboration between Nalderun and Castlemaine Secondary College, guided by Uncle Rick Nelson, this program is for young Indigenous men. It involves trips on Country, and cultural engagement that includes hands-on activities and skill building. It helps them build strong connections to their Indigenous peers, a positive growth mindset and supports ongoing engagement with education. 

Youth Mentor Leadership Program 

This program is led by First Nations Youth Mentors who regularly visit, build relationships with and support local First Nations high school students. They have hosted Cultural Days on Djaara Country as well as a two day camp on Djab Wurrung Country.

The Meeting Place 

Held fortnightly during school terms, based in Yapeen, this program is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children within the Mount Alexander Shire and Maryborough Education Center and sometimes beyond. Students come together to learn the curriculum through Culture and Country. All who attend are honoured in the spirit of community learning. 


Nalderun delivered food to 13 families fortnightly through Foodshare last year in partnership with Bendigo Foodshare. A lot of meals!

Me- Mandook Galk

The community supported acquisition of land has allowed a strong connection with Country and shared community vision. This is the home of Nalderun’s new Bush Tucker Place, which is part of Nalderun’s long term vision to care for Country and Community.  Nalderun has been strengthening the partnership with the mob at the Middleton prison, and community mentorship, being on a wonderful learning journey about native plants that the farm is starting to produce and hoping to propagate over the year. The dream is to establish a sound revenue stream going into the future.

Education Network Group 

The group meets with local schools four times a year to support and help teachers with Indigenous pedagogy and worldviews, and to incorporate Indigenous content into the curriculum through Aboriginal and Torres Islander protocols. Nalderun also run tailored Indigenous worldview and pedagogy training for schools and local organisations.


Nalderun is breaking cycles of intergenerational trauma and disadvantage, which occur through ongoing colonisation. It is building pride, resilience and wellbeing.

Find out more about survival day:

Nalderun website:

Floria Maschek is an ally and member of Friends of Nalderun (FoN). FoN members are guided by Nalderun Education Aboriginal Corporation and are diverse individuals and representatives of many local community networks, supporting Nalderuns visions and work. Nalderun Education Aboriginal Corporation supports the Aboriginal Community and is led by Aboriginal people while providing many learning and cultural opportunities to the broader community. Nalderun is a Dja Dja Wurrung word meaning “all together”. 

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