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Ten ways to improve the natural assets on a farm

Posted on 4 November, 2020 by Asha

Sustainable Farms (an initiative of the Australian National University) has launched their excellent new booklet, ‘Ten ways to improve the natural assets on a farm’. The booklet highlights ten discrete projects that farmers and other landholders can do to improve the health of the natural assets – such as dams, shelterbelts or riparian areas – on their properties. We are particularly excited about the extensive scientific research that has gone into this publication, which gives enough detail, but is also engaging and relatable to the average landholder. Each of the ten actions are achievable and relevant to sustainable farming, and improving farm health, biodiversity and productivity.

The booklet highlights how one small change on a farm could create new habitat for native animals and lead to increased stock productivity. The publication is underpinned by 20 years of long-term research into biodiversity on farms. It represents a long-term collaboration between farmers implementing on-ground management practices, and ANU ecologists supporting the farmers’ observations with science.

To read the booklet online and for more information – click here

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