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Safe and skilled: Training for local Landcare groups

Posted on 9 May, 2019 by Ivan

In 2017, Connecting Country successfully obtained a grant from the Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning to deliver a series of training workshops to the region’s Landcare and other community groups. The aim was to provide practical support to local Landcarers and other community members, and strengthen their groups’ capacity to be safe, self-sufficient and sustainable.

Connecting Country supports and works closely with around 30 Landcare and Friends groups in the Mount Alexander region of central Victoria, as well as many other landholders and volunteers. To enhance the practical support we provide, we have been running free training for Landcare groups, Connecting Country staff and committee, and other community members in governance, financial management, health and safety, and first aid.

This training will enable Connecting Country and our local groups to operate more effectively, follow safe work practices, respond to first aid emergencies, increase robustness of financial management, and improve their organisational practices. Governance training and financial training for committee members of local groups helps them be more efficient, and more aware of relevant government regulations, their accountability and obligations to their members. First aid training gives people the knowledge and confidence to address emergency health situations that may arise during working bees and other events.

Community education is a core activity of Connecting Country, as defined in our Strategic Plan. Annually since 2010, we’ve coordinated a comprehensive program of educational and capacity building events for local landholders, Landcare and Friends groups, staff, committee and the community in general. From a variety of methods (e.g., feedback forms, evaluations, steering group meetings, Landcare Link-up sessions), Landcare groups and their members have made us aware of the types of training and capacity building activities that would be most beneficial.

Participant feedback on the training has been extremely positive. If you are interested in hearing more about future training opportunities, please subscribe to our Enews, or contact Asha Bannon on 5472 1594 or



Stu and a python snake at a recent event (photo by Lou Citroen)

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