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Revegetation in a changing climate captures audience

Posted on 4 September, 2023 by Ivan

On Tuesday 1 August 2023, over 60 people gathered at the Castlemaine Anglican Church Community Hall to hear excellent presentations from a variety of guest speakers addressing how we can plan revegetation in a changing climate for best success.  The strong mid-week, mid-winter audience heard from Sasha Jellinek (University of Melbourne), Oli Moraes from DJAARA and Tess Grieves from the North Central Catchment Management Authority (NCCMA). The evening was completed with a Q&A panel session to answer the audience’s questions and give reason for hope in the future. 

The overall learning and topics revolved around how we can use climate prediction modelling to consider future vegetation growth conditions and adapt current practices to future-proof our landscapes.

Lead guest speaker, Sasha Jellinek, covered where to find information on climate projections and future scenarios, as well as sourcing seeds from a mix of local and different bioregions, and how to make up this mix. Sasha is an experienced ecologist with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) focused on Ecology from the University of Melbourne and has worked across many fields.  He was involved in the production of Greening Australia’s ‘Establishing Victorias Ecological Infrastructure; A Guide to creating Climate Future Plots‘ which is a great resource for those embarking on this road.

Oli presented DJAARAs recently released Climate Change Strategy and talked about how we can approach revegetation projects using cultural knowledge and wisdom.  Tess provided a great overview of the NCCMAs climate resistance projects and how they have been incorporating climate change modelling into their project planning and implementation.

A highlight of the presentations was the passion, dedication and knowledge of all three guest speakers, and we thank them for sharing so that we can all start planning for future success.

The event was recorded by the wonderful Ally from Saltgrass Podcasts and is available here.

This event was part of a larger project called Future Proof our Forests, where Connecting Country has established Climate Future Plots to monitor the success (or otherwise) of revegetation sourced from a variety of climates.

We would like to thank the Ross Trust for their generous funding for this important project. The Ross Trust is a perpetual charitable trust with a vision to create positive social and environmental change so Victorians can thrive.

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For more information on climate future plots, see:


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