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Landcare sticky beak tour 2022 – Tarrangower Cactus Control Group

Posted on 10 October, 2022 by Hadley Cole

As part of the Landcare sticky beak tour in October 2022 we will be celebrating the work of Landcare and friends groups across the Mount Alexander / Leanganook region of central Victoria.

Today we will have a little sticky beak into the wonderful work of Tarrangower Cactus Control Group.

Tarrangower Cactus Control Group is based in Maldon with the single objective to control Wheel Cactus plants in our local natural environment. The group originally formed in 2005 to help Parks Victoria control the infestations of Wheel Cactus in the Maldon Historic Reserve and to increase awareness of this weed species within the local community. They still focus on community education and landowner motivation, and continue to assist Parks Victoria to treat Wheel Cactus. 


This particular species of cactus was introduced from Mexico and is a declared Noxious Weed and a Weed of National Significance. The seeds are spread mostly by birds and is spreading quickly to other areas in the Mount Alexander Shire. Wheel Cactus is highly damaging for both our native plants and animals, and local primary industries. It is a very difficult plant to destroy or control, so it is vital to stop the spread of this highly invasive weed to new locations. 

Local Wheel Cactus infestation (photo by Lee Mead)

The photo of the Wheel Cactus infestation shows how dense and impenetrable infestations of Wheel Cactus become when untreated. 

To see the Cactus Warriors in action check out their video on our website –  click here

Tarrangower Cactus Control Group (also known as the Cactus Warriors) holds community field days around the Maldon district on either private properties or public land managed by Parks Victoria. These field days are open to everyone interested in learning how to control this noxious weed, and are advertised on their website and Facebook page.

The group can also loan out equipment and provide independent advice and assistance.

If you would like some information about or assistance with Wheel Cactus, please contact the Cactus Warriors via their website – click here  

During October 2022, get out there and explore your local neighbourhood and see what plants and animals you can find in your local Landcare group’s sites!

The Landcare sticky beak tour was made possible through a Victorian Landcare Grant with North Central Catchment Management Authority.

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