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Landcare sticky beak tour 2022 – Harcourt Valley Landcare Group

Posted on 3 November, 2022 by Hadley Cole

As part of the Landcare sticky beak tour in October 2022 we celebrated the work of Landcare and friends groups across the Mount Alexander / Leanganook region of central Victoria. Although it is now November we will continue our ‘sticky beaking’ into the wonderful work of Landcare in the region.

Today we will have a little sticky beak into the wonderful work of Harcourt Valley Landcare Group.

Harcourt Valley Landcare Group are a welcoming group of volunteers of all ages dedicated to preserving and revitalising the Harcourt valley environment. In September 2022 they celebrated their 25 year anniversary, which is a remarkable achievement!


The Harcourt Valley Landcare Group aims to inspire, inform and support the community to protect and enhance the local environment. They have ongoing projects and working-bees on the last Sunday of each month.

The group has worked on a variety of projects including reviving the Silver Banksia population in the Harcourt valley, increasing habitat for the Blue-banded Bee, the granite rock circle at the Oak Forest, Harcourt, and restoration of a section of Barkers Creek in Harcourt known as the Tollgate Bridge. You can take a walk along the Barkers Creek restoration site and enjoy the group’s work. To access the site head to corner High St and Bridge St in Harcourt VIC.

To read more about Harcourt Valley Landcare’s projects head over to their website – click here
For their latest updates you can also visit their Facebook page – click here

Harcourt Valley Landcare Group (photo by Robyn Miller)

To view the group’s stunning new brochure online, which was put together in celebration of their 25 year anniversary – click here

To become a member of the group or find out more about their working bees please email:

During October 2022, get out there and explore your local neighbourhood and see what plants and animals you can find in your local Landcare group’s sites! You never know what you might discover.


The Landcare sticky beak tour was made possible through a Victorian Landcare Grant with North Central Catchment Management Authority.



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