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Posted on 5 September, 2019 by Ivan

Observing nature over time provides evidence of landscape changes. Rigorous, long-term monitoring is essential to determine if threatened species are declining, or if landscape restoration efforts are effective in improving habitat for our at-risk species. In 2010, Connecting Country began monitoring woodland birds across the Mount Alexander region, as indicators of biodiversity and ecosystem health. With help from scientists, we established a long-term monitoring program, targeting members of the threatened Victorian Temperate Woodland Bird Community. From 2010 to 2017, field surveys were completed by experienced, and well-respected birders such as Garry Cheers, Tanya Loos and others.

We now have a rare and incredibly valuable database of rigorous, long-term results that can tell us how our woodland birds are faring in response to climatic events, and if habitat restoration is really helping them. However, fluctuating resources put our future monitoring program at risk. At the same time we’ve recognised that engaging community is central to successful biodiversity conservation.

We’ve been developing a new, community-driven model, where community members direct the research questions, and committed volunteers collect the data on the ground. Connecting Country is working to support a rich resource of skilled, committed and enthusiastic volunteers who are collecting scientifically rigorous data.

We plan to reinvigorate the program by monitoring all 50 of our key sites twice each in spring 2019. From then on, we’ll ideally monitor each site four times a year – twice in winter and twice in spring. With our current network of volunteers, we currently have capacity to survey about half of our 50 established sites. It would be wonderful if we could survey more of these sites this spring, and into the future.

If you are a skilled and experienced local birdwatcher, we would be delighted if you can help us to monitor local birds. To register your interest, please contact Jess Lawton (Monitoring Coordinator – Connecting Country) at  or 03 5472 1594 as soon as possible.

We’d like to know:

  • If you’re available to assist with our bird surveys.
  • Your capacity (amount of time) to assist with bird monitoring in spring (September to November) 2019, or the number of sites you’d be willing to take on.
  • If your capacity is likely to continue into the future.
  • Where you are located and/or would like to survey – a location near you, or elsewhere in the Mount Alexander region.


2 responses to “Join Connecting Country’s Bird Watch program”

  1. Natalie Bate says:

    Could you tell me what a ‘skilled and experienced bird- watcher’ entails? I’m interested in helping out but not sure I qualify sufficiently. Thanks.

    • Jess says:

      Hi Natalie, Thanks for your interest in our program! Could you give us a call at the CC office (5472 1594) and we can discuss. Thanks, Jess

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