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How to Create Frog Friendly Habitats

Posted on 16 November, 2015 by Connecting Country

Renowned local ecologists, Elaine Bayes and Damien Cook have produced two terrific youtube videos:’Frogs and their Calls’  and ‘Frogs and their Habitats’. The information is well presented and relevant to our local area. Each goes for about 30 minutes. Click on each image below to view:



2 responses to “How to Create Frog Friendly Habitats”

  1. tim phoot says:

    soon after finding a job to apply for, raising, looking after frogs, I saw a job in the paper for land care, obviously a related subject and something I would realy love to be doing now and the first thing I find is this page on creating frog friendly habitats. something that has been on my mind to do (when I get finacial enough to buy some land) since I was a kid. Now as I said, I have the oppotunity to do it, although not for myself for someone else, for employment, I was wondering, is there any advice you could give me or something I could write in my cover letter for that job that might give me a little bit of an edge over the other 200 applicants.
    I thank you very much for what you are doing with landcare and helping the frogs even if you can’t or don’t do anything about my request.

    • chris says:

      Hi Tim,
      It’s great to hear that the frog information has been interesting for you. I’m really enjoying hearing them calling from the waterways and wetlands around the local area at the moment.
      Unfortunately, the application period for the Landcare Facilitator position closed yesterday afternoon (22 Nov).

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