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Focus on trees: Tree photography workshop opportunity

Posted on 19 February, 2024 by Ivan

Our friends and project partners at Biolinks Alliance are hosting a large old trees photography workshop with the wonderful Alison Pouliot. Alison is a leading expert and holder of knowledge regarding nature photography, conservation, fungi and deep ecosystem understanding.

Connecting Country are requesting our community and supporters to map significant old trees in our region, through our project here.  Well captured photography can contribute greatly to recording and telling their story.

Please see details about the event below, including how to book tickets.

Focus on Trees – Tree Photography Workshop with Alison Pouliot

Large old trees are vital keystone structures in rural and urban landscapes. However, the value of these trees is often overlooked in planning such as road and fire management. Documenting these trees visually is important both as a scientific record and in drawing attention to their significance and conservation.

This workshop specifically focuses on assisting participants to improve both their technical and creative skills in photographing trees. Tree photography provides many challenges and each of these will be discussed and techniques for overcoming them demonstrated throughout the workshop. This is a very hands-on, interactive workshop combining theoretical, critique and practical sessions. It begins with a discussion of participants’ interest in photographing trees as well as any challenges or issues they may have experienced. This is followed by a session where participants’ pre-submitted images will be constructively critiqued by the group (during which participants are free to remain anonymous), followed by a field trip to put techniques into practice. Participants will be provided with supplementary printed notes to reinforce principles covered in the workshop.

Large old tree Photography workshop with Alison Pouliot

Participant Requirements

Participants are asked to wear appropriate clothing and sturdy footwear for the field trip, which will go ahead regardless of weather. They are reminded to bring their cameras/phones including additional batteries, battery charger and instruction manual. Participants are encouraged to submit two images (as per guidelines that will be provided to participants) prior to the workshop for constructive critique during the workshop.

Book here

This event is being held as part of Biolinks Alliance’s Large Old Trees project and is made possible through the generous support of the TAP fund, Lindy Shelmerdine, David Moffatt and Lady Marigold Southey. You can find out more about this project here:




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