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Connecting Country short film and our fellow Community Conservationists

Posted on 27 February, 2018 by Tanya Loos

Connecting Country stars in the short film ‘Safeguarding woodland birds’, now launched in the big wide world and available to view at the link below. This is one of ten films forming the Community Conservationists series made by the Remember the Wild team, and funded by the Wettenhall Environment Trust.

Marie speaks beautifully about Connecting Country and its purpose. The film is well worth watching, especially if you are new to Connecting Country and wondering what we are all about. Its focus is our work on woodland birds, but could easily have been on many aspects of our work, like our amazing nest box program for brush-tailed phascogale and sugar gliders.

Asha from our office recently attended the gala launch of the series in Melbourne, and made a presentation about Connecting Country. We are delighted to be a part of this series, and feel we’re in very good company with our fellow Community Conservationists.

To see our film and the other Community Conservationists click this link:

Below is a series of photos from the filming. To move through the gallery of images hover your mouse over the right. To read more about the project see our blog post here.

Here is a description of the Community Conservationists initiative, from the website Remember the wild.

‘Through our Community Conservationists initiative we aim to raise the profile of the people in our community working hard to conserve our natural world. These everyday heroes are many, yet we seldom hear about them, and we believe it’s time to tell their stories loud and clear.

Community Conservationists is about celebrating the tree-planters, the wildlife carers, the citizen scientists, and anyone else who is putting in the hard yards for the good of us all. By sharing their stories we aim to better connect people with the nature and conservation issues on which they work, as well as help them to attract more support from our community. We promote our Community Conservationists stories far and wide and allow the groups to use them whenever and wherever they want, so they may inspire others.’

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