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Bushfires: a hellish time for wildlife and humans alike

Posted on 22 January, 2020 by Frances

The bushfires raging over the past few months have been some of our worst on record, with record heatwaves and below-average rainfall making conditions very difficult for fire fighting and survival of our wildlife. It has been estimated that over 16,000,000 hectares of land have been burnt from June 2019 to January 2020 across Australia, making for some very challenging times for regional communities and ecosystems.

Although our region has not been directly affected by these fires, there are many options and organisations that currently advise and assist wildlife affected by the bushfires. One of the best articles we have seen was from Intrepid Landcare (click here). It gives a summary of the issues, resources, solutions and helping options.

Also of interest is a blog post from our former celebrity employee, Tanya Loos (click here), on how to help during the bushfire crisis. It covers the many requests and campaigns for helping wildlife in the recent bushfire areas.

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