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BirdWatch workshop – 19 May 2019

Posted on 1 May, 2019 by Jess

Bird monitoring at Connecting Country

Scientific monitoring has always been a high priority at Connecting Country. As of 2019, our staff and volunteers have collected over 24,000 individual bird records, and our data has been analysed by experts at BirdLife Australia and La Trobe University.

Thanks to funding from the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust for our Habitat Health Check project, we’re transitioning from in-house monitoring to a community-driven monitoring model. This program will draw upon the power of the community to contribute as volunteer citizen scientists. Our citizen scientists are key players in the entire scientific process – including the development of research and monitoring questions – as well as collecting data.

We’re lucky to have lots of beautiful birds in the Mount Alexander region (photo by Jane Rusden)

Here is your opportunity to get involved!

Connecting Country and Birdlife Castlemaine District are running a workshop from 1.00 pm on Sunday 19 May 2019 in Chewton VIC.  We’ll be asking community members what we most need to learn about birds in the Mount Alexander Shire. There will be lots of opportunity for your input and discussion.

If you’re interested in local birds, we’d love to have your input on the day. In the meantime, please have a think about what questions you have about our bird populations.

Register here:

Please feel free to contact if you need any further information.

White-throated treecreeper (photo by Jane Rusden)


Also – save the date!

We will be recruiting team leaders and volunteers to inform and guide our various citizen science programs (including birders, nest box enthusiasts, plant nuts, reptile watchers and froggers).  To start with, Birdlife Castlemaine district and Connecting Country will be running a workshop on bird monitoring in the afternoon on Sunday 23 June 2019. Details to follow!

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