Restoring landscapes across the Mount Alexander Region

Caring for the land


McKenzie’s Hill Action & Landcare Group volunteers at work (photo by Sylvia Phillips)

Looking for inspiration/motivation to take action for the environment? Why not make a personal pledge! 

Tip: try to commit to something specific and achievable such as ‘I will plant 50 indigenous plants’, ‘I will attend three Landcare working bees’, or ‘I will pick up 20 pieces of rubbish while on my walk’. Give yourself a deadline, and be sure to give yourself a pat on the back when it’s done!

Places to find support:

Visit our ‘Contact a group’ page and find your nearest Landcare/Friends group – click here 

Learn more about Landcare on our ‘What is Landcare’ pageclick here

Learn more about your property, local landscape and the wider region through our ‘Education and resources’ pages – click here