Restoring landscapes across the Mount Alexander Region

Reptiles & Frog Monitoring Program

In 2016, Connecting Country received funding from the Ian Potter Foundation to establish 48 reptile and frog monitoring sites across the Mount Alexander region. With help from landholders, Landcare groups, and other volunteers, sites were set up in three different habitat types: intact woodland, revegetated woodland, and grasslands/paddocks. Each site consists of ten ceramic roof tiles arranged in a grid, including two joined tiles to encourage larger species. The tiles provide artificial habitat for ground-dwelling reptiles and frogs, and double as a monitoring tool to determine which species are present in an area.

Roma, Hector and Isabelle helping to set up their tiles in Sutton Grange

The tiles have been monitored once by Connecting Country with the help of volunteers. Along with observations made by community members, this data will help us to build a picture of the distribution of reptile and frog species in our area and whether conservation efforts are having a positive effect on populations.

If you have any questions or interesting observations of reptiles and frogs in the Mount Alexander region, please contact Anna at 0497275080 or