Restoring landscapes across the Mount Alexander Region

The Landcare Movement

Most Australians have heard of Landcare and recognise the iconic logo of two hands forming the shape of Australia. But what is Landcare?

The Landcare Ethic – a philosophy, influencing the way people live and work in the landscape while caring for the land (soil, water and biota).

The Landcare Movement – local community action founded on stewardship and volunteerism, putting the philosophy into practice.

The Landcare Model – a range of knowledge generation, sharing and support mechanisms including groups, networks (from district to national levels), facilitators and coordinators, government and non-government policies, structures, programs and partnerships influencing broad-scale community participation in sustainable resource management.

At its heart, Landcare is about caring for your land and the land in your local area so that it will support our society and maintain our natural resources for generations to come.

Depending on where you live that might mean looking after your farm, nature strip, local bush reserve, beach – all kinds of land. Through Landcare, individuals and communities get the support, knowledge and resources necessary to do this work.

To learn more about Landcare in Victoria, click here to visit the Victorian Landcare Gateway.