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Wildlife Friendly Gardens

yam-daisyAttracting wildlife to your garden can be simple way to provide habitat and get close to local plant and animal species. Those of us on the urban fringes of towns have a special opportunity to provide a buffer for for plants and animals as they come into more populated areas. There are many benefits to this idea of a small sanctuary close to home. Pollination, interaction and connection all become the norm when we make the small amount of effort required to build wildlife friendly places.

Useful resources

Cassia read held a fantastic workshop in Late 2016 for Connecting Country in partnership with Mount Alexander Shire Council, you can read the write up, which has lots of good tips for How to Build a Wildlife Friendly Garden in our local area from our blog post here:



A fact sheet and interview from Gardening Australia about attracting butterflies to your garden:


From the Birds in Backyards website a great resource for designing your garden to attract birds:


A page from Sustainable Gardens Australia about how to attract and provide habitat for reptiles in your garden:


Another page from Sustainable Gardens Australia, this time how to make a frog pond:


A fact sheet and segment from Gardening Australia about making use of the dead trees in your garden by making artificial hollows:

General information:

For more information generally about attracting wildlife to your garden: