Restoring landscapes across the Mount Alexander Region

Protect the existing values

One of the first rules of landscape restoration is that the most cost-effective approach is to protect the existing remnant areas of native vegetation. Below are some of the techniques available to do this.

Protecting the vegetation from excessive grazing and trampling

20150831_100153Excessive trampling by animals, especially by hard hooved stock, can damage existing vegetation and prevent regeneration by compacting and eroding the soil layer. Excessive grazing by stock animals, kangaroos, wallabies, rabbits and other native and non-native fauna can also degrade native vegetation and suppress regeneration. The impacts of grazing and trampling upon native vegetation and areas of revegetation can be managed by:

  1. Protective fences: Hard-hooved grazing stock trample and consume native vegetation, and can cause extensive damage to revegetation areas. The relevant boundary and internal fences around the project area should be maintained to a stock-proof condition so that stock from adjoining areas and properties do not enter the area of native vegetation and revegetation.
  1. Stock Grazing management: The benefit of excluding hard-hooved stock from areas of new plantings and native vegetation is to provide an opportunity for these plants to grow and regenerate naturally.
  1. Control of feral grazing species: See Connecting Country’s introduced pest animal page.

Encourage Natural Regeneration

In order to encourage natural regeneration and maintain the ecological health of your property, wherever possible in areas of native vegetation:

  • Apply no fertiliser or other soil additives (herbicides accepted),
  • Avoid or minimise disturbance to soil, including during the weed removal process;
  • Avoid or minimise alterations to drainage or the removal rocks from the site.
  • Retain all standing native trees and shrubs (dead or alive)
  • Retain logs, fallen native vegetation and leaf litter for small mammals and reptiles
  • Retain old trees with hollows
  • Control pest animals such as rabbits and foxes on your property to reduce competition and predation

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