Restoring landscapes across the Mount Alexander Region

Education Program 2014

The ‘Improve Biodiversity on Your Property’ Workshop Program 2014 involved 133 participants managing 1925 hectares (or 4756 acres) and 28 presenters. To view a copy of the program click here.

Click on the links below for more information about each event and to access the associated resources:

The Habitat for Bush Birds  Project also ran education activities in 2014. See more about specific events at Birdwatching for BeginnersIntermediate Birdwatching Skills.

Ian Lunt Talk and Workshop Launch: 2 March 2014

Natural Regeneration: creating new habitats in central Victoria

Workshop 1: The Big Picture - 6 April 2014

Where we fit within the local and regional landscape

Workshop 2: Biodiversity in the Paddock - 4 May 2014

What biodiversity looks like and how it functions on property

Workshop 3: Fence Me In - Sunday 1 June 2014

Using exclusion fencing to restore habitat

Workshop 4: Living with Fire & Wildlife - 6 July, 2014

Managing for both biodiversity and fire threat

Workshop 5: To Plant or Not To Plant - 7 Sept 2014

Tubestock, direct seeding, natural regeneration?

Workshop 6 - Back from the Brink - 5 October 2014

Managing weeds in restoration projects

The ‘Improve Biodiversity on Your Property’ Workshop Program 2014 was supported by Connecting Country through funding from the Australian government.