Restoring landscapes across the Mount Alexander Region

Education and Engagement Program 2016

In 2016 we continued with our education program – only this time a little differently….

Feathered five banner pic

Local birds, and particularly the ‘feathered five’, were our focus for 2016. The feathered five comprise the acrobatic Brown Treecreeper, the elegantly spotted Diamond Firetail, the post-sitting, tail-wagging Jacky Winter, the handsome Hooded Robin, and the mysterious ‘oooom-ing’ Painted Button-quail. Connecting Country has picked these five woodland birds as ambassadors for habitat restoration efforts across the region.

Our inaugural Feathered Five Festival kicked off the year on the 19th and 20th March 2016 – a two day celebration of bird-watching, walks and talks.

Then there was biannual nest box checks, a ‘sticky beak’ tour of on-ground work projects, regular bird walks and landcare link-ups.

In August, in partnership with the North Central Catchment Management Authority, we were very pleased to host a Farm Field Day in Sutton Grange which covered diverse topics such as holistic grazing, water on farms, biodiversity in the paddock, and small farm diversification. We also ran a follow-up session on soils with Katie and Hugh Finlay on their orchard in Harcourt.

We celebrated Landcare Week in September in a big way with our local grade five and six students at the ‘Mount Alexander Schools Landcare Day‘.  We also supported local groups to get involved in the Landcare Open Day.

In conjunction with Mount Alexander Shire Council, in November we celebrated gardens too – wildlife friendly gardens. There was a workshop with Cassia Read in her amazing garden and resources were made available via our website.

We also had fun being ‘out and proud’ at the Castlemaine Agricultural Show Parade in October.

Feathered Five Festival

Connecting Country’s celebration of woodland birds and their habitat